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affair  recovery counseling in
marietta, georgia

Are you reeling after the disclosure or discovery of infidelity? Maybe you feel traumatized and are not sure how to move forward. It’s normal to look at the past and wonder if the relationship you had was even real. You may even blame yourself. Are you open to learning why the affair happened and how to rebuild trust after infidelity? 


At Maverick Marriage Therapy in Marietta GA, we want to empower you to explore how to recover from this relational trauma and experience hope that your relationship can become much stronger and more deeply connected during and after the therapeutic affair recovery counseling. 


There are many reasons why infidelity happens in a committed relationship and we can help you discovery your why, rebuild trust, and make meaning out of this crisis. We are specifically trained and passionate about helping couples recover from an affair. You can trust that you and your spouse will be in good hands.

A man being unfaithful to his spouse using his cellphone
Stressed Woman thinking whether she and her husband should book an appointment for an affair recovery counseling in marietta ga

Stage 3: Explore the history of the relationship and one’s individual concerns that influence the infidelity.

During this stage, the questions really is: "Is this relationship worth saving?" By exploring the relationship’s strengths and vulnerabilities, partners can take stock in what they want to save and what needs to be worked on. Ultimately, this drives the future of the relationship and how each individual chooses to recommit to one another. 

Stage 2: Explore the affair directly without retraumatizing the injured party.

By addressing the affair directly, each person express their feelings and perspectives. The injured party can experienced PTSD-like symptoms and these triggers need to be understood and managed as a couple. The involved partner will take responsibility for the pain they caused by their actions and write a letter expressing their remorse toward their partner. This stage involves honesty, total transparency, and emotional regulation to empathize with one another. 

Stage 4: Reattachment and the process of moving on.

Once the pain has been addressed and you have moved through the framework, now is the time to come up with a plan for the future. How can you fully rebuild trust and put systems in place so the affair is never repeated?  In what areas can you make your relationship stronger than ever and less vulnerable?

Stage 1: Immediate concerns are addressed.

To begin the affair recovery counseling, we first work to stabilize the relationship. We ask what each partner needs to feel emotionally safe in this moment. It is important for all parties to feel seen and heard. We do not take a pulpit style approach and do not invite shame into this process. Neither party will feel shamed throughout the affair recovery counseling session. We accept that infidelity is extremely common, is not an indicator of marital abuse in every case, and we seek to non-judgmentally support each spouse. 

Here’s what you can expect in the
affair recovery counseling process: 

As a couple, you'll also look for new ways to feel more connected with one another. You'll get to know one another again and bring joy, excitement and humor back into your relationship. 

Affair Recovery Counseling FAQ

What is Affair Recovery Counseling?

Affair recovery is the process of healing your marriage mentally, emotionally, and physically after it has experienced infidelity. Affair recovery is a painful, yet rewarding process for couples who are willing to engage in counseling for approximately six months to two years. Marriages who survive affairs are stronger than they were before the affair began.  

How does Affair Recovery Counseling work?

At Maverick Marriage Therapy we believe your relationship is the most significant influence in your life and future. We begin by building an authentic relationship with each person in the relationship to explore, identify, and refine your ultimate goals for couples counseling. These are then discussed openly, mutually agreed upon by both individuals and the couples therapist. Each couples’ goals are unique to their needs; However, there are general categories that guide what goals are most important and the order in which goals should be worked on. As it pertains to affair recovery a couple will explore the impact the affair(s) had on the relationship, usually resulting in the injured partner experiencing symptoms of PTSD. Alleviating these symptoms by assisting the involved partner to ensure the affair is over, takes accountability, and provides empathy are some of the steps involved. There are also times in which discernment counseling is needed, in which the goal becomes to gain understanding, clarity, and confidence about a path forward. That could be to recommit to the relationship and work on the areas of concern or decide to end the relationship. 

When is Affair Recovery Counseling needed?

Affair recovery is essential if you or your partner have engaged in a secretive emotional or sexual relationship with another person outside of the marriage. Once these boundaries have been crossed trust has been broken and needs to be restored through the use of evidenced based strategies. 


How much does Affair Recovery Counseling cost?

Cost is dependent on your therapist’s experience, session length, and whether you are in need of a sliding scale or not. Many insurance companies do not cover this type of therapy, but your therapist can provide a Superbill to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company to discuss this possibility further. 

How long does the Affair Recovery Counseling process take?

Approximately six months to two years. This is dependent on the number of affairs, length of affairs, impact of infidelity, and on each partners’ commitment to the therapeutic process. 


How do I know if Affair Recovery Counseling is right for me?

If you or your partner have had a secretive emotional or sexual relationship outside of the marriage affair recovery is likely right for you. Additionally, if the injured partner is experiencing symptoms of PTSD due to their partner’s infidelity then affair recovery counseling can help.

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