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trauma + ptsd counseling
in marietta, georgia

Maybe you have gone through a traumatic experience and now you are feeling isolated, anxious, or angry. It’s possible you may also not be sleeping well, waking up multiple times throughout the night, or experiencing nightmares. If left untreated, these sleep disturbances can also cause feelings of hopelessness, lack of control, fearfulness, and other difficult feelings. It’s also possible you seem on edge all the time-especially if a painful memory from the past arises. If this seems like what you are going through, you may be experiencing the following symptoms as well: 

  • Intrusive memories of the stressful event 

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Changes in mood, like depression, irritability, feelings of guilt and shame, negative thinking about self, others, the world, and angry outbursts

  • Flashbacks when it feels like the event is happening all over again 

  • Distructive or reckless behavior

  • Finding yourself avoiding distressing memories, thoughts, or feelings about the event

  • Finding yourself also avoiding any reminders of the event including places, things, people- anything that triggers any stressful thoughts or memories

  • Difficulties remembering details of the event 

  • Nightmares or distressing dreams

  • Physical reactions to triggers that remind you of the stressful event

Girl having nightmare and re-living a traumatic event
Man with trauma or PTSD

Not every person who experiences a traumatic event will develop these symptoms. These symptoms can develop later in life, or some symptoms can disappear over time. Whether or not you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), processing trauma can assist in healing and proactively prevent a diagnosis of PTSD developing in the future. Many folks think trauma or PTSD only pertains to or develops in response to physical abuse, sexual abuse, or life threatening events, such as war.

This intersection is different for everyone. What one person experiences as traumatic, may not be what another person experiences as traumatic. When we experience something as traumatic, our brains and bodies have emotional responses and physiological responses that can cause distress in our lives, even disrupting our daily lives. It can happen to anyone at any age or life stage. Some traumatic events can be the result of common life experiences such as accidents, personal relationships, or chronic illness. PTSD is a common diagnosis when experiencing the trauma of betrayal or emotional abuse. Other trauma can result from extraordinary events, such as natural disasters, witnessing domestic violence, or terrorism. Here are some other items that can cause traumatic responses: 

The truth is...trauma is at the intersection
of what is unexpected and overwhelming.

  • Chronic illnesses & auto-immune disorders

  • Grief & loss

  • Addictions & co-dependence

  • Eating disorders & body dysmorphic disorder

  • Neurodivergence (ASD, ADD/ADHD)

  • Self-injury, low self-esteem, distorted self image

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

  • Financial, spiritual, & narcissistic abuse

  • Spirituality/Existential Crisis

Whatever has happened to you, we understand that trauma is painful and can cause distress in daily life.  Whether you were in the military, physically or sexually assaulted, in a abusive relationship, in car accident, or witnessed a loved one die –your experience matters and it is normal to ask questions like, “Will I ever be the same again.”



The trauma in your life and PTSD symptoms do not have to run your life. You can improve symptoms and begin healing now through the use of trauma therapy and PTSD treatment. At Maverick Marriage Therapy, we know your pain and suffering may seem insurmountable. We believe in restoration. Your life can be joyful again! We use sound, evidenced-based treatment to work with teens and adults to achieve real change. The National Center for PTSD conducted a study that found that 53 out of 100 individuals who receive trauma counseling, will no longer meet the diagnosis criteria for Post Traumatic Stress. You can begin recovering from symptoms of anxiety and begin feeling better now.

A therapist at Maverick Marriage Therapy can help you begin the journey of no longer being a victim to what happened to you, but rather a strong survivor.  

Trauma Therapy and PTSD Treatment can give you RELIEF.

We know how hard it can be to reach out for help... we want you to know we will discuss your needs and customize your therapy with the treatment that is best for you.

Trauma therapy and PTSD treatment can include several therapeutic techniques including Brainspotting, Written Exposure Treatment, EMDR, and EVOX Biofeedback Therapy.

Marital, Couples, Individual, Family, & Teen Counseling in Marietta, Georgia & Teletherapy in Illinois

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