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Marital, Individual, Family, & Teen Counseling in Georgia & Illinois

Loving Couple
Christina Neri LCSW
Christina Neri, LCSW
"Christina is the best therapist I’ve ever had."

"I get anxious going everywhere, but I really look forward to therapy with you."

"Christina understands me."
Offering in-person and tele-health services in Atlanta and tele-health services in Illinois
We offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs and our counseling process.

Whether married or dating,

your therapist will help you

stop fighting, rebuild trust,

and start having fun again with your partner.


Couples counseling also includes working through issues of infidelity, trauma, or resentment through the use of evidence based strategies and techniques.

Some topics include:

Your therapist will be actively engaged in your therapy, meeting your needs to reduce anxiety, overcome thought patterns that are holding you back, and give you techniques that help transform your life.

Some topics include:

Family and teen therapy addresses dysfunctional dynamics and patterns, empowers each individual to become more relationally connected, and assists parents in learning healthy parenting strategies.

Some topics include:
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